About us

Scents of Provence SPA is all about people and people to people. It is skilled professional and international team providing best SPA treatments, beautiful massages, SPA consultancy services, aromatherapy seminars and post rehabilitation services. We create impeccable memories and services you need. 

We build remarkable and perfect things as much as possible.

5 Reasons why to visit with us:

  1. we deliver services efficiently and effectively;
  2. we meet high customers expectations consistently;
  3. our work build on reputation;
  4. we earn trustworthiness of every client;

Our mission

Scents of Provence constantly is tracking the hook: deliver professional services and satisfy highly valuable customers. To carry through our statement we take the following steps:

  1. professional team providing impeccable service;
  2. a great respect and attitude to clients;
  3. 100% service implementation;
  4. operating with the most reputable and professional people;

Trust in our ability what we promise!


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Monthly deal:

Karalienė Margo: prabangi veido procedūra su deimantais, perlais ir rožinio kvarco akmenų veido masažu 90 min - 66 eur su 40% nuolaida. Metinės narystės - ypatingomis kainomis 4 apsilankymai tik už 99 eur per mėnesį.
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