No needle mesotherapy

No-needle mesotherapy

50 min - 55 Eur/  discount 40 % - 33

With colagen mask (18 eur) 1 val 20 min 

Course of 6 treatments: 174 eurai.

This treatment based on the insertion of small dose of a substance in the affected areas. This method involves the simultaneous use of therapeutic action of the ultrasonic wave and pulsed stimulus electrotherapeutic. This mechanism uses an active transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) - based on the insertion of a specific drug substance into the body by a layer of the epidermis and dermis using sonotherapy (phonophoresis) in combination with an electric pulse.

Main effects

  • Instant face lift
  • To improve skin tone
  • Rejuvenating and regenerating
  • Oxygenation and nutrition of tissues
  • modeling

No-needle mesotherapy for eyes

15 min - 14 Eur/ spring discount 30 % - 9.80 Eur

No Needle Eye Mesotherapy, a non-invasive method of skin rejuvenation.

Mesotheraphy is a revolutionary technique that increases the penetration and spread of active principles into the deep layers of epidermis.
The ingredients of Mesotherapy, repair and restore the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It enhances the skin’s ability to retain and hold moisture and become more vibrant and healthier. It also triggers anti aging mechanisms in skin cells and aids in the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, Mesotherapy gives a lifting effect and a radiant aspect on the skin.

Device Functions:

The insertion of procedural cosmetic substances into the dermis.

Using ultrasound is absolutely not recommended in the following cases:

 cancer

 pregnancy and lactation.

 inflammatory diseases: bacterial, viral and fungal

 mechanical damage of the skin

 insufficiency of blood circulation

 fever, weakness and emaciation of the body

 osteoporosis

 epilepsy

 allergy to the ingredients used in the products

 presence in the treatment area metallic foreign bodies

and implants

 presence of the cardiac pacemakers, orthodontic

braces, prostheses, etc.

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