Radio frequency face lifting


30 min - 35 eur/  discount 40%  - 21 eur

The device emits radio waves generated by high-frequency current. Electricity is converted into electromagnetic, which reaches the tissues, where they are heated by the excitation of ions. Radio waves affect the production of heat in the tissues. This phenomenon is called diathermy. Diathermy, or deep heating means that heat is generated within the tissue, and not supplied from outside. Radio waves stimulate the superficial tissue and deeper, improves their oxygenation, nutrition and the microcirculation. The treatment involves heating the collagen fibers, which causes their contraction and tension, which generates a process of regeneration. Added to organize their structures. In addition, radio waves stimulate fibroblasts to rebuild and manufacture of collagen and elastin, giving the effect of filling of wrinkles. Increases in density, elasticity and improves skin tone and shape of the face and skin color. In many cases, already after the first treatment is a noticeable effect. The skin site treated with radio waves is more tense. The effect of depth improvement can occur after a series of treatments.

Equipment Features:

1. Lift the skin - improving skin tone.

2. Firmness - improve firmness.

3. Radiophoresis.

4. TEROM - “lipolysis”.

Perform Radio Frequency is absolutely not recommended in the following cases:

 bacterial infections: impetigo contagiosum, staphylococ-
cal sycosis

 viral infections: warts, herpes, molluscum contagiosum

 fungal infections

 phlegmonous acne

 cancers (up to 5 years after the end of treatment)

 pregnancy and lactation

 fevers and seasonal infectious

 destruction of the sensory

 mental illness

 epilepsy

 heart disease

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Monthly deal:

Karalienė Margo: prabangi veido procedūra su deimantais, perlais ir rožinio kvarco akmenų veido masažu 90 min - 66 eur su 40% nuolaida. Metinės narystės - ypatingomis kainomis 4 apsilankymai tik už 99 eur per mėnesį.
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