Aromatherapy Seminars


Provanso Kvapai is organizing organic aromatherapy seminars and practical lessons in Vilnius or Klaipėda

We invite you to register in advance to 8 hours long Provanso Kvapai organic aromatherapy course!

1. Session. Introduction to Aromatherapy

2. Session. Structure and usage of organic essential oils.

3. Session. Organic aromatherapy for the face. Floral waters and vegetable oils. Face care.

4. Session. Organic Aromatherapy for the body, recipes for the body care

Seminars are led by qualified and experienced specialists in Klaipėda and Vilnius


The theoretical part of the seminar contains information on essential and vegetable oils, their methods of application and benefits for improving the physical and emotional state. You will find out the benefits of organic vegetable and essential oils. Learn the art of mixing oils, use scents in your home, how to properly maintain your face/body skin, and stop aging processes.

In the practical part, you will apply organic aromatherapy during respiratory exercises in accordance with the Strelnikov's gymnastics breathing program. During the other seminars, the basics of the face, body massage. With the help of high quality organic and certified Florame essential and vegetable oils, various, unique recipes are created for the face and body skin.

At the end of the seminars course, everybody gets a Provanso Kvapai Organic Aromatherapy Certificate

Seminar duration 1-1.5 h.

Seminar price 22 Eur.


Registration in Klaipėda:

Ph.: +37060522656



Registration in Vilnius:

Ph.: +370679 25055



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