Safe Usage

Base oil – it is a vegetable oil that dilutes essential oils for safer practical use. Conveying vegetable oils (apricot seeds, sesame, St. John's wort, etc.) with essential oils is more gentle to use on skin. In practical aromatherapy, essential oils are almost always used with vegetable oils. It is advisable to keep the ready-mixed mixture in a cool, cool place and use within four weeks.

2,5 percent mixture: to 20ml (4 teaspoons) vegetable (base) oil add up to 10 drops of essential oil. This mixture is the best for the massages and general use.

5 percent mixture: mix 20 drops of essential oil to 20 ml (4 teaspoons) vegetable oil. This mixture is the best for the pain relieving properties.

General safety: essential oils mixed with vegetable (base) oil are safe to use.

Skin safety: for the sensitive skin it is recommended first to try the essential oil onto small skin part. If it gets irritated immediately wash it off with almond oil to calm the skin. If you use citrus essential oils we recommend you to stay away from the sun and sunbeds at least for 12 hours.

Children safety: newborns and kids younger than 3 years old use just one drop of rose, lavender or roman chamomile essential oils mixed with 20 ml (4 teaspoons) sweet almond vegetable oil. Children from 3 to 10 years old use 1 percent or half of the adult's dosage. Children from 10 years old can use essential oils as adults.

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