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Visiting the first time


Visiting the first time at the SPA Salon can be a very interesting experience, so we want to give you some basic tips to make this SPA experience stress-free, no worries, just your pleasure. In each country the rules of the SPA may be a little different from each other. For example, nudity is more tolerated in Europe than in America. Knowing about the customs of each country is quite difficult, but if you remember our basic tips, they will ensure that you do not hurt yourself in a difficult situation.

The first rule is relaxation. There are a lot of people who come to the SPA for the first time. You are not alone here, and employees will probably have good ideas about how to handle the first time visitors. So do not hesitate to ask if you have any problems or doubts about the SPA. Also, it is a very good idea to let the staff know that you are in the SPA for the first time, then the staff will be able to give you additional time to answer your questions and maybe even offer a SPA tour.


It's always good to know the basics of etiquette of the place you go to. We have formed the basics of SPA etiquette so that you feel comfortable with us. You will feel simpler if you know the common things to do when you visit the spa salon.

Turn off your cell phones. It's very hard to relax when you have to answer calls, emails, or SMS. This is also applies for pedicures. If you do not want time to last - take a book or magazine.

Come on time. The exact arrival time depends on which procedure you choose, how well you know about it and the effect you expect from the procedure. It's always better to go to the spa salon 10 minutes before. You should not delay the procedure - we recommend arriving at least a few minutes before.

Explain your wishes. Do not hesitate and explain what exactly you would like to get during the procedure when registering. The main questions about how - a therapist (man or woman), if you want something different - say bravely. During the massage, you also have to feel free to ask, say what's wrong - too strong, too weak, music is too loud, the temperature of the room is too cool or too warm, etc. You came here to relax and you need to feel comfortable. So do tell if you want a ritual or a massage for you to do otherwise.

Tell us about your ailments: allergies, hypersensitivity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems (or other physical illnesses) when you book your treatment.

Nudity Massage is usually done after washing, covering with a towel. It is always possible to stay with your underpants (you will always be offered lump), but this may restrict the therapist's access to the muscles. However, massage therapists respect their clients, so you will not have any problems with it.

How much to leave for tips? It depends on the spa and the country. In America, you expect 15-20% of the cost of the procedure if you are satisfied. If you are in a country where you do not pay for the tip, you can be reassured that the therapist will not expect additional remuneration.


There are some basic things that you should not do when visiting a spa salon in any country. In some countries, you may experience some mild reactions from spa workers, but in others, it's rather rough. But without doing the things we will list, things will be much simpler.

Forget about everyday problems. Do not waste your time spitting on them. No matter what the problem is - leave them outside the spa door and let yourself enjoy the treatments provided.

Do not come to the procedure sweaty. Wash in the shower, because it will be more pleasant not only for you, but also for the therapist.

Do not speak loudly. No matter where you are in the spa, do not speak loud and do not use your mobile phone as it interferes to relax with others and yourself.

Do not expect the miracle from one procedure. One massage salon will not suffice to eliminate all your ailments and muscle tension. You will need to visit several times to feel the improvement.

Do not treat the spa staff with disrespect. Do not play the king or queen in any spa salon, as this will not make your life more beautiful.

Do not come to spa after eating too much food and drinking alcohol. You feel uncomfortable and agitated. After the procedure it is recommended to drink plenty of pure water and do not rush to eat.

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