SPA Klaipeda

  • Aromatherapy massages  - massage mixtures grip mind, body and soul. Deeply relaxing massage, pure and organic essential oils will help to reduce the stress and tension and to get rid of negative emotions. 
  • Special Aromatherapy Body Massages - wide variety of the highest quality essential oils and mixtures are being used for these massages. Using the synergy rather than one essential oil has greater effectiveness on the organism. Individual mixtures can be offered according to the state of being, emotions or physical conditions: detoxifying, after or before long flights, adapting after the jet lag, balancing or heating and much more.
  • Body Scrubs - these wonderful treatments were being used in SPA Rituals for ages. Usually body scrub recommended to have before the massage. Only natural and organic ingredients are taken for the scrub: Dead Sea salt powder, mixture of herbs, organic oils and rice powder. 
  • Body Wraps - fabulous and soothing exotic wraps. Feel yourself, when a splash of energy from aromatic plants and herbs flows into your body.  Fresh form the nature - straight into your body.  Pamper your skin by giving high detoxication, nourishing each skin cell and giving glowing texture. The deserved face or head massage will be done while warm and cozy laying in the cocoon. 
  • SPA Rituals - accurately researched treatments and perfectly combined essential oils creates unforgettable moments for your body and soul. Take a Royal journey to Provence or indulge into the Sweet Levander Dreams. We wish you to feel the highest relaxation.
  • Facials - recommended to have it once per month. With the Facial you will get: double face cleansing, face scrub, skin analysis, face massage, mask, serums/ creams according to your skin type. 
  • Hands/ Feet - highly recommended Scents of Provence rose and wrap and cinnamon/ clove feet wrap  here water and oils come together and is an often part of SPA Ritual. Try aromatherapy baths thoroughly created for your face and body and feel nirvana for the moment. As trees and plants need hydration for growing so do you need it for our body and mind. Baths with herbs, essential oils, flowers and Dead Sea Salt will give  you constant hydration for your body . 

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Mėnesio SPA paslaugų abonementas 4 apsilankymai - 1 val tik 32, 25 eur. "Stangrus kūnas" - lieknėjimo procedūra, 70 min/ kaina 39 eur. Karalienė Margo: prabangi veido procedūra su deimantais, perlais 90 min - 66 eur su 40% nuolaida.
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